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We provide a full range of comprehensive asbestos testing services, including testing of vinyl floor tiles, pipe wrap insulation, ceiling tiles, linoleum sheet flooring, mastic adhesives beneath flooring, thermal surface insulation, troweled-on cement materials, window caulking, and asphalt roofing materials. Testing can be performed in schools, hospitals, houses, and in commercial spaces.

We perform third-party independent air monitoring services during asbestos abatement projects. We also perform air sampling after asbestos removal work has been performed to evaluate whether there are any significant health risks to you and your family or your employees upon re-occupancy of the space. 

As you may be aware, Con Edison now requests air quality testing in NYC basements to evaluate levels of asbestos fibers in air to confirm that the air is safe before their employees enter basements to perform repair work. Call Angstrom Consulting & Testing Services today, and we will send one of our certified asbestos air sampling technicians to your home or building to perform the necessary air sampling. Laboratory results and a full air quality report for Con Edison will be emailed to you within one week of sampling. 

All asbestos bulk and air samples are collected in strict accordance with analytical test methods developed and approved by the EPA, NIOSH, OSHA, and other industry-recognized authorities, and all samples are analyzed by laboratories accredited by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

During the past approximately 15 years, we have been very successful in helping homeowners, property management companies, hospitals, attorneys, homeowners, insurance companies, schools, and health care professionals and evaluate and solve their indoor air quality problems . 

If you have any air quality or related health concerns or questions, then please call today (516-724-4574) and one of our consultants would be pleased to discuss your air quality concerns.
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