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Lead Dust on Floors
Lead Dust on Windowsills
Lead Paint Hazards
X-Ray Lead Paint Testing
Our EPA Certified Lead Inspectors conduct lead inspections using a handheld X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer to identify building components that are painted with lead based paint. We also evaluate the condition of painted surfaces to ensure the safety of children at home and at school.

Our EPA Certified Lead Risk Assessors perform lead risk assessments to identify lead based paint hazards. Assessments include lead based paint testing of damaged and deteriorated paint and paint on impact and friction surfaces. Lead dust wipe samples are also taken to evaluate levels of lead in dust. Soil and water testing is also available to evaluate levels of lead in children play areas and garden soil.  We provide solutions to landlords, property managers, and unit owners to manage or correct any hazards we observe. Our inspection reports include a detailed scope of work for any necessary cleaning work. 

Lead dust wipe sampling can be performed to evaluate levels of lead in settled dust on floors, windowsills, and window wells to determine if there is a lead dust hazard and whether a cleaning plan needs to be developed and implement to remove lead dust contamination. Our inspection reports include photographs of surfaces that are contaminated with visible dust and a comprehensive summary of our observations, test results, and recommendations. We also provide expert witness/courtroom testimony when necessary.  
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Our lead inspectors perform lead dust clearance sampling after lead abatement work or renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) work have been performed to determine whether work areas and adjacent spaces have been properly cleaned. We also help landlords clear HUD violations. 

Our investigators are EPA certified lead based paint inspectors and lead risk assessors. They are also certified by the New York State Department of Labor as Asbestos Inspectors and the American Council for Accreditation Certification (ACAC) as Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants and Certified Microbial Investigators. Each Inspector holds advanced degrees in science, and any samples collected during our investigations are analyzed by laboratories that are fully accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.
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Lead Inspections & Lead Risk Assessments

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