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At Angstrom Inspection & Consulting Services, we perform comprehensive, in-depth mold inspections using thermal cameras, moisture meters, wall cavity probes, and air and surfaces testing to evulate whether mold growth conditions may exist in your home or office. We are available  7 days a week. Our consultants are professional, courteous, highly educated and have many years of field experience.
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I. Following is a summary of the scope of our mold inspections:

1. Identify surfaces displaying water damage and/or mold growth 
conditions to develop a remediation plan.

2. Take air samples for laboratory analysis as may be necessary to 
determine if indoor air quality is being affected mold growth 

3. Take surface/bulk samples for laboratory analysis to evaluate 
mold growth as may be necessary.

4. Take moisture measurements and evaluate water damage 
sources (eg. rainwater intrusion, plumbing leaks, condensation) 
in areas displaying water damage. 

5. Recommend corrective actions or further evaluation by an 
architect/engineer/ plumber as may be necessary.

6. We will give you a verbal report of any preliminary findings at 
the time of the inspection. The written report is issued within 
1-2 weeks of receipt of all laboratory results (turn around time for 
lab results is one week).

7. Our Mold Inspection Reports include a summary of our significant observations, test results, and site-specific remediation protocols that fully describe the necessary mold removal work, safe work practices and containment work, HEPA vacuuming/cleaning work, and disinfection & encapsulation work.

8. We also perform Clearance Assessments after remediation work is performed by other remediation contractors to evaluate post remediation levels of odors, surface mold, visible dust, and levels of airborne mold to determine if the mold remediation / mold removal work was properly performed. 

II. Air Quality Testing - Mold (Available for Viable and Non-Viable Genus &  Species) 

Culturable and spore trap air sampling for laboratory analysis can be performed to  determine the concentration levels of mold spores in the indoor air to evaluate whether there may be an association between any adverse respiratory symptoms that you may be experiencing and the presence of elevated levels of airborne mold. Laboratory results are interpreted by comparing indoor levels to outdoor levels. In relative terms, if the indoor air contains significantly higher levels of any molds related to water damage conditions or occupant health complaints (“marker fungi”) than are present in the outdoor air, then appropriate action should be taken to identify and remediate the underlying mold growth problem(s). The primary “marker fungi” are Penicillium/Aspergillus, and Stachybotrys.  Air sampling can be performed 

If you suspect that your indoor home environment is contributing to your adverse health symptoms, respiratory problems or asthma-like symptoms, or if your asthma and allergies become significantly worse when you spend time indoors, then call us at Angstrom Consulting & Testing Services to schedule a mold inspection. You may have a hidden mold problem.
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